According to a study by British Petroleum, fossil fuels will only last around fifty more years. Because of this, a switch to renewable and sustainable sources of energy is one of today’s most pressing needs. When using renewable sources such as solar or wind, energy production can be highly variable. However, there's a solution — energy storage. By storing energy, we can overcome the unpredictability of renewable energy and use it whenever and wherever we need to.

Dr. Rashi Gupta, founder of Vision Mechatronics, is on a mission to guide India on a path toward sustainable energy. Fondly called the “Batterywali of India,” Dr. Gupta realized the power of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries in energy storage and has developed the World’s Smartest Li-ion battery in India!

"Women are the best at storage. We store everything,” says Dr. Gupta. “And now we have to learn how to store two types of energies. One is your own energy, which is very, very important. And second is electricity energy storage. Women have always learned how to store money in those food jars, you know, India has that concept? Then we learned how to store food, water... I mean, these are all types of energies. But what we have to now learn is how to store electrical energy."

Green, efficient and safe

Dr. Gupta started working on Li-ion batteries when lead acid batteries were all the rage in India. But lead acid batteries are bulkier, take longer to charge and, most critically, pose a threat to the environment of lead emissions. Dr. Gupta, at the forefront of Li-ion technology, harnessed the power of Internet of things (IoT) to elevate Li-ion batteries to a whole new level. IoT is an interconnected network of devices that are able to collect data and share it across the network by virtue of wireless internet.

Dr. Gupta continues, “India is geographically a very large nation, and traveling for service support, it becomes really difficult. So, I thought, why not add something intelligent? Create a battery on the next level of interaction wherein it could interact with the client, it could interact with us and it would give you much more advanced prediction on things.” A smart battery is able to not only optimize its efficiency but it can also regularly monitor and report any threats to its safety.

With great power comes great responsibility

As one of the few female entrepreneurs in India to work in battery development, Dr. Gupta understands what it’s like have her abilities constantly be questions. Because of this, she has begun working for the empowerment of women, pledging to employ more women in her company. In doing so, she has most certainly changed the mindset that women can’t take up technical jobs. "Gradually, I’m sure that women are going to lead this transformational decade to make a happier, sustainable and resilient society that we all can be in for the next generations."

The industry needs more inspiring women like Dr. Gupta to face practical challenges in society and come up with the ideal solutions.

Learn more about Dr. Gupta’s amazing journey and work — tune in to the “Word to W.I.S.E.” podcast with the doctor herself!


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