About Safety Clubs

At UL, we believe that: safety is a science. It can be taught through cognitive and analytical means – theoretical, scientific aspects – and practical means – experiential, do-it-yourself aspects. Safety is a life skill. Safe behaviours acquired and committed to muscle memory during the formative years would mean fewer accidents and fewer compromises on health, security and lives.

With an objective to broaden the base of safety ambassadors and deepen the knowledge about safety science amongst students, the Safety Club program was piloted in a few schools in Bengaluru, India. This program covers a gamut of domains, mainly: Road, Fire, Drowning, Falls and Health (food, water, personal products…), for school children from grades 6 to 8. Driven by the teachers in each school, activities like experiments, worksheets and other teaching aids that are aimed at providing a hands-on experiential learning environment, were organised under this program, to induce a behavioural change in the long run. In the 2019 pilot alone, we onboarded 24 schools, trained over 600 teachers and through them reached out to over 2000 students.

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