In association with Times NIE (Newspaper in Education), Underwriters Laboratories, India organized a 90-minute webinar for educators in November 2020 as a run up to UL’s Anti-Counterfeiting Awareness Week’s Be Safe Buy Real™ campaign. This virtual event not only aimed to raise awareness among the teachers about counterfeiting and its effects on health and safety, but also intended to equip them to take the knowledge gained on this topic back to school by becoming anti-counterfeiting ambassadors in their community.

The address from the speakers was followed by a Q & A with the teachers before introducing them to a small project that encouraged them to take this learning back to their classrooms through debates, poster competitions, case study discussions and more. The best lesson plans shared by the teachers were published in the digital edition of the newspaper. With over 1500 registrations, and active participation from 500 attendees, this session was lauded as highly informative and timely.

A recording of the session is available for viewing on the Safer India Today Facebook page here.