To reduce child injuries in India, Underwriters Laboratories has completed a comprehensive research project titled Advancing Child Safety in India – Implementation is the Key. Undertaken in association with the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), a leading academic institution, this research informs various audiences about the pressing need to implement safety practices in and around schools. The collaboration between Underwriters Laboratories and NIMHANS produced the first-of-its-kind technical and advocacy document that provides information for stakeholders to enact appropriate safety interventions for children in India.

The report offers an in-depth view into the current situation of child injuries in school environments and educates the reader about the many preventative measures that parents, students and school authorities can practice in order to minimize injuries among children. The project team mined data from various national and international sources, research results, insights and expert recommendations on safety practices. The research was conducted from a sample of 131 schools, selected by stratified random sampling in the Bengaluru and Kolar districts in India. Several versions of the findings have been disseminated to educational stakeholders, policy makers and others to ensure further implementation.

Ensuring optimum safety in schools to prevent injuries and promote children’s safety is a mandate by the Constitution of India. However, there has been limited evidence regarding safety and injury prevention in schools thus far. UL and NIMHANS’ safety appraisal is an important step forward in this area highlighting the need for implementing and augmenting safety measures in schools.

The project’s findings were also published in the International Journal for Injury Control and Safety Promotion, a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research in ergonomics, product safety and prevention and care of injuries. The journal article summarizes the study setting, methodology adopted, operational guidelines developed, the training given to appraisers, key domains addressed, limitations and the associated challenges while highlighting the need for implementing and augmenting safety measures in schools.

This study also played a major role in the decision taken by the Department of Public Instruction, along with the city police, to conduct safety audits in private, aided as well as government schools in Bengaluru.

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